Saturday, January 12, 2008

Profound words from the younger sister

My sister and I were talking the other day/week, and she turned to me and said "you know, there's no soundtrack for Iraq like there was for Vietnam."

Sittin' on the docks of the bay. We gotta get outta this place. What's goin' on, Fortunate son?

All those songs resonate with Vietnam era vets...but what resonates with Iraq vets? Did Soulja Boy resonate with veterans like it did with UW students during the homecoming parade? What brings back that flood of memories for vets that brings back that flood of memories for others in our generation?

I would suspect that with the advent of the Mp3 our tastes are as varied as they could possibly get. I mean, how many other people listen to the same stuff that I do? I'd say maybe 5 percent of the population. Back then all the music was piped through the same outlets. Have we lost the common soundtracks of our experiences because of technology? Does that mean we have lost that haze of shared experience that music blends so effortlessly?


Quink said...

I don't know about veterans, but I think the Iraq War soundtrack for the rest of us will come along as part of a film (if someone makes a good one).

When I think of Vietnam, certainly, I think of Apocalypse Now and The Doors, The Rolling Stones, etc

Anonymous said...

I always knew your sister to be profound. When i hear those bands and songs you mentioned, i automatically think of the vietnam war, protests,friens going over there, and college. You really do need a soundtrack. Every time I hear Tom Petty and "I won't back down" i think of 9/11.