Wednesday, March 12, 2008

For posterity's sake

Home sweet home:

Lookin' out my back door:

Combat loading HEI (High Explosive Incindiary) 20 mm bullets:

FUBAR'd HEI round:

My name's on here from last time. And yes, we did:

Geek Squad:

Some of my crew:

The flight office:

Nothing like a jet engine laying around:

Doom and gloom in the bomb dump:

Line-D South Cookout Night:

Get me the H out of here:

Oh boy.

Fuzing bombs:

Free stuff courtesy of the Ravens:

BLU-126=30 lbs of explosives="low collateral damage"

Me and my 5"4 supervisors

Stress relief AKA AMMO vollyeball:


In your eye:


PMWebmaster said...

I love your shot of the BLU-126 and would like to use it for an upcoming story on I didn't know how else to contact you, so I hope leaving this comment is ok.

Elizabeth said...

Feel free to shoot me an email at